Saturday, November 5, 2011

Marulaon Woman’s Daybook

For today...Wednesday, November 2

Outside my window...Nako and Foamela (two of Ofain's daughters) helping me clean up our yard so it will look nice tonight when Aaron comes back from Losiolen

I am thinking...about my grandfather, who is recovering from knee replacement surgery

From the learning rooms...the Black Death, Ivan III, Mohammed captures Constantinople; Sarah - equations with negative numbers, correlative conjunctions, & aphorisms; Benjamin - speed equations, sentence combining; Olivia - comparing fractions, sentence combining; Katherine - reading & writing numbers 1-10, letter W

I am thankful for...Naomi!  It's so much less lonesome with Aaron gone.

From the kitchen...granola for breakfast, milked cooking bananas, milked pumpkin leaves, papaya, motued fish - nice yummy, fresh food for lunch, and to welcome Aaron home, we are opening a Macaroni Grill boxed meal along with lots of greens and fruits to make up for what he has missed during the last few days

I am reading...Ellis Peter's Cadfael series, how fun to find some great books set in the same period of history we are studying

I am hoping...that the doctor in Honiara can get the beads out of Katherine's ears next week

I am creating...not really creating, but compiling Bible stories in Lavukaleve

I am hearing...the inverter humming as a couple of our neighbor's cell phones charge on this sunny day

Around the house...lots of nice produce from market this morning, a freshly mopped floor, lemon bars cooling on the cabinet as a welcome home for Aaron

One of my favorite things...fresh, sweet pineapple

A few plans for the rest of the week...working on Friday with the ladies to complete another step of the Bible stories

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with pics right now.  Our radio/e-mail isn't sending and receiving very well.  Next week in Honiara, I'll go back and catch up on posting pictures.


Kecia said...

Beads as in...beads? I must have missed that post. A doctor removed a bead from Jessica's ear once that I didn't have the foggiest idea was in there! Still don't know how long it was...
Your day sounds happy!

Abi's Blog said...

Hope everything goes well with Katherine's ears! Praying it will and thinking of you as always.
I'm on my way to swim, first time in many many days.