Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Both of my guys were way overdue for a haircut.  I haven't cut hair with scissors in a really long time (I just use the clippers and buzz away), so I warned Benjamin that his hair might not look exactly the way he wanted it.

So, my Sarah decided that now was a good time to learn how to cut hair, and who better to practice on than Benjamin?  And what better place than the Solomon Islands, where nobody really cares how your hair looks?

She did a great job cutting his hair.  And then we all laughed at the size of the two piles of hair:  Benjamin's hair on the left, and Aaron's pile on the right.


Bartokhound said…
I am rolling on the floor laughing at this: I love that Benjamin is such a good sport, I love that Sarah is learning to cut hair with a willing brother, I love the comparative piles of hair, and I also love the reminder that this weekend I have the privilege of cutting my husband's hair, which I've been doing for nearly 20 years. Thanks for sharing the love!

Anonymous said…
Oh, do you remember all the times I cut your hair at that age? I actually think of hair cutting as a sibling activity. Just loved seeing these pictures.

Ann said…
I just realized I missed a few posts in September - including this one! Laughing so hard!

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