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Just for today...Monday, September 8
Crafting in the kitchen...tried some black bean and roasted pumpkin goodness for lunch today and some apple oat muffins for breakfast tomorrow morning.  Feeling like Autumn around here!
On my bookshelf...Boy's Passage Man's Journey by Brian D. Molitor
From the learning rooms...Sarah and Benjamin had a really fun experiment for Biology that finished up this weekend.  They soaked an egg in vinegar to dissolve its shell, and the egg swelled because it absorbed the vinegar.
Then they soaked the egg in corn syrup, and the liquid moved from the egg into the corn syrup.  The egg shrank!
Finally, they immersed the egg in water, and the egg swelled back up again.  Each time they measured the egg, and the amount that the egg changed was staggering!  I never had this much fun in biology. 
Pondering these words..."Relationships can't be popped into a microwave oven and zapped to life.  Good families are the products of years of nurturing, seasons of sacrifice, months of sometimes mundane attention."  ~Bob Welch
A heart of thankfulness...that when my very, very careful Benjamin lit the broiler with a match held very far away in tongs, the ensuing fireball only singed his hair.  He was overdue for a hair cut anyway!

A few plans for the rest of the week...hosting a double birthday party on Tuesday night, enjoying the company of our Pacific Area director and his wife on Thursday night, and running in the G'Day Solomons Fun Run on Saturday morning (you can even follow it on Facebook).
A peek into my corner of the world...some MAJOR bed head.  There's a reason we call her "Troy"


Oh goodness! I'm glad Benjamin wasn't any closer!
Love this peek into your daily life :Dj
Anonymous said…
HA! She's the cutest bed head ever. -Edi
Bartokhound said…
Yes - the cutest bed head ever! I love the hairy theme of this post!

Leslie said…
So glad it wasn't your daughter whose hair caught fire! Eeep. She sure is cute. I like that quote.

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