How normal, everyday life can be such a whirlwind, I still haven't figured out!  Sarah made our house smell like Autumn over the weekend with Pumpkin Streusel Swirled Cream Cheese Pound Cake.   We shared with one of the translation advisors, and he described it as "high-octane".  True words!  But the taste does bring me back to cooler temperatures, changing leaves, and Friday night football games.

Yesterday, I spent most of the afternoon in the Educational Resource Center, working alongside some teenagers and another colleague to clean, sort, organize and input books into the ERC's database.  Aaron came in and out to help around SITAG's team meeting.  Working together was a microcosm of the Body of Christ.  I missed my other committee members who are spread out around the globe right now, because we all have different strengths and weaknesses that complement each other.

Today, Aaron began village shopping for our return to Marulaon in a few weeks.  Now Benjamin's room (packing central) is filling up with rice, toilet paper, shampoo, and oats.  Aaron got home in time to wolf down some tuna salad and head downstairs to lead the Advisory Committee meeting.  He's the current chairman, and I'm so proud of the time and effort he is putting in to serving SITAG.

Tomorrow is Katherine's birthday, and we're looking forward to celebrating her seven years of life.  What a gift she is to our family!  The Kosco should also arrive in Honiara tomorrow, bringing four amazing Lavukal guys (Simon, Ezekiel, Matthew, and Albert) to SITAG to work with Aaron for the next several days.  They will be cramming a lot into their time here - producing materials with SITAG's big printer, making decisions about key terms for the translation, continuing to build relationships, and doing lots of planning for the year ahead.  When Aaron travels to other villages, the ladies take care of him and the translators.  Now it's my turn to show hospitality to these guys.  The rest of the week will be intense, and we would really appreciate prayers for "Team Choate"!


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