Weekend Wanderings

Saturday morning, I enjoyed grocery shopping at Honiara's Central Market with a couple of my SITAG friends.  The market is always so beautiful.  Saturday mornings are packed, and we have to elbow our way through the aisles as we carry heavy baskets on each arm.  I often end up with bruised arms the next day from the handles of the baskets.  We've joked about making a video game based on weaving through the market, encountering people from your language group and trying to converse with them, and finding the best deal on produce.

Sunday morning after the 6:00 service at church, we stopped by the wharf to check on two rain tanks who were donated by friends.  Things always move more slowly than we think they should here, but we are really excited to send the tanks out to Fly Harbour School.  School is often dismissed because the kids don't have any drinking water, and this school serves Lavukal kids from seven different villages in grades K-6.  Aaron was able to find the headmaster on the ship and give him the hardware needed to get the tanks up and running quickly.
One of the best things about going to the early morning service (besides the cooler temperatures) is that we get to come home, make another pot of coffee, and enjoy some slow and thoughtful "Jesus Time".  The kids are great about being quiet when they are finished with their own personal time, and this is the one day of the week where we can truly slow down and savor some time along with the Lord.  Sarah often makes a special pastry for breakfast, too, which helps make Sunday morning even more special.

What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than enjoying sweet fellowship with our colleagues and practicing a few swimming strokes at the same time?  I love my two teenagers, and I think they are just about the neatest kids ever.

The afternoon was made so much sweeter by the addition of friends.  What a gift from God!  And on this side of the world, today was Father's Day.  In fact, when I bought some ground beef yesterday, a Lavukal lady asked me if I was buying it to celebrate Father's Day!  So watching two amazing daddies play in the pool with their kids was like the cherry on top.


Nahna said…
Well Happy SI Father's day a few days late....how awesome to get two...great to see the kids with big smiles.
Our little farmer's market has been good this year and we have enjoyed a bit of produce from it, but no bruises...sorry Joanna.

Hugs to all...thanks again for the blog...it is a blessing to us.
quilt'n-mama said…
sweet memories of the market friends! Please tell Karen thank you again for taking me:)
Bartokhound said…
Happy Father's Day, Aaron. We can't think of many more loving, caring and nurturing of their families and others than you!



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