Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Happy Birthday, Katherine!

Best friend by her side.

Beautiful cake that her sister made,

and that this whole crew helped decorate (can you see the orange snake?).

How can this lovely little girl be seven already?  Or six?  Or even five?

Where did her fourth birthday go?  And her third?  I remember her second birthday like it was yesterday.  And she celebrated her first birthday in Papua New Guinea.  This gift of a child, whom God gave us when Aaron and I were both smack in the middle of linguistic school, this child? 

She is the delight of the household, bringing a smile to each of our faces as she sings hymns to Jesus in the morning.  Katherine is a little village girl who, thankfully, no longer tries to sneak out of the door without underwear anymore.  But Mom, none of my friends in the village wear underwear!
This girl is learning about self control and how Proverbs 25:28 applies to real, everyday life.  She is learning the basics of multiplication, and her tender heart has a hard time discovering the city of Pompeii.  She knows her primary love language is physical touch and thoroughly enjoys every minute of snuggle-time.  Katherine works hard to help out and washes dishes meticulously.  Thank you, Lord, for giving us our sweet Katherine!


Sara said...

Wow! I can't believe she's 7 already either. How the time has flown by since her 1st birthday at POC! Thanks for sharing your life with us through your blog :-)

Anonymous said...

Katherine is truly a delight to everyone who's encountered her. Thank you for raising such a lovely niece for me! My little wood sprite...hope her day was magnificent. Give her my love and hugs and kisses.

Aunt Melissa

Bartokhound said...

Happy Seventh Birthday, sweet Katherine! Uncle Jason and I love you so very much, and cannot wait to hug you in December. We have wonderful memories of you accompanying yourself at the piano at our house as you sang both familiar tunes and made up some of your own (you are so creative) - and modulating! All this with no piano lessons?! Methinks you put many of our college students to shame!



Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Katherine! I don't know if you remember meeting me, since it was a year and a half ago and you meet so many people on furlough, but I remember meeting you. And I'm pretty sure you remember my parents, which makes me glad. I am happy they are in the same country as me now, but I was glad to share them with you for a while. :-)
Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

What a great tribute to Katherine, and an awesome cake (love the little snake ;D ). Happy Birthday!