Sunday, November 2, 2014

Friday, October 31

The day we've been anticipating for months finally arrived, and Aaron left around 5:00 this morning to go pick up Edi from the tip of Guadalcanal.  Our amazing SITAG colleagues picked her up from the airport yesterday and took really good care of her before they brought her to meet the motor canoe from Marulaon.

Edi arriving FRI

We can still hardly believe that God has allowed us so many visitors this year, or that Edi actually WANTED to come live with us for a month.  The canoe arrived in Marulaon a little bit after noon, and we have enjoyed talking Edi's ear off, showing her around the village, and generally flooding her with information.

Katherine giving Edi flower necklace

Please be in prayer for Edi as she adjusts to Melanesian culture and to our family culture.  We're excited to see things through new eyes.  She and I walked around the village a little bit, handing out gum sent by a sweet church staff wife in Texas, playing with children, and answering everybody's questions as they tried out their English on her.

Edi & Baby Muna

We just think that Edi is one of the neatest people we've ever met, and we love the way that Jesus shines through her!

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