Thursday, November 20

Edi is getting a taste of the "glamorous" work of Bible translation and literacy.  She and Aaron spent a large part of today cutting and pasting (literally), copying, stapling, and coloring books written in Lavukalave.
Edi & Aaron THURS
This afternoon, I walked down to Margaret Rasol's house to continue working on the translation of "Dota blong King", a Bible-based tool for moms to use in teaching their daughters about purity.  One of the Lavukal translators used this book, written by a former SITAG colleague, as practice for his translation training.  As we work and laugh together, I'm learning all kinds of new vocabulary and reinforcing words that were buried in the corners of my brain.  I'm also discovering that the translator has used older Lavukaleve words that many people don't use any more.  Being involved in a minority language that is growing and changing is a very good thing!


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