Wednesday, November 12

I decided to stay inside to read my Bible this morning, since we got rain yesterday and the mosquitos would be busier today if I were on the porch.  As we head towards summer, the days are getting longer, and the sun is beginning to make its light known by 5:00.  So, the bell for morning prayer rings early, often around 5:50, meaning our whole family is up early. 
sunrise WED
Sarah came into my room about 6:00 saying, "Mama!  You've got to go outside and see the rainbow!"  Sure enough, a rainbow shone against the clouds in the west that promised more rain.  I never get bored of God's creativity.
Katherine blowing science experiments WED
Katherine's science experiment today was to test her lung capacity by blowing the water out of an upturned bottle.  The biggest available bottle I had was only 1.8 liters, but this little girl could blow it all out!
Edi & Katherine (WED)
Of course, everybody was pulled into the experiment, especially Edi.  We're so glad she is here to share life with us.
Edi & Katherine grinning WED
Market this morning was small, the only green thing that showed up was a small parcel of long green beans.  So before school started, Sarah and I traipsed off to the garden to see if any of our green beans or pineapple were ripe.  We found one ripe pineapple, but the ripe beans had the strangest thing all over them.  It looked like somebody had taken a tiny pair of nail scissors and neatly cut out each seed from several beans.
Green beans WED
I asked my friend Ofoaen what might have done that, and she told me that the culprit was the red parrots that are so beautiful.  Those stinkers!
Edi Playing
After school, the kids went out to play and took Edi along.  She has been quick to learn village games, and all of the kids love her.
Mama and baby WED
I came down to visit with neighbors and found my friend, Mai, and her little one resting in a hammock underneath the house where the kids were playing.  This mama has a sweet smile and a joy that every single one of her five children inherited.


i love getting to "meet" your village friends through your eyes :D

Anonymous said…
Wow--what a crazy thing for a bird to do! I love that story, but I'm sorry you lost out on your green beans.


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