Tuesday, November 11, 2014


The Lord was with us every step of the way yesterday.  Seas were flat, and since we didn't leave until 3:00, the sun wasn't too fierce.  We arrived at the police station at 3:45 to find that they expected us because our director had called.  However, they didn't have the "police clearance" form, only the regular fingerprint form.  Yandina used to be the center of a huge coconut plantation that collapsed with the ethnic tension, but they have a land line phone.  So, the officer was able to call the main police station in Honiara.  The first person he called told him that Aaron and I would have to come into Honiara to get our fingerprints on the correct form.  Then, our new friend called a different department and got permission to use the regular fingerprint form :-) 

After we got our fingerprints, we putted over to Hae Village to look for a Lavukal translator and a member of the translation committee.  A meeting is scheduled in Hae for November 21-22, and we needed to clarify some things with them.  We pulled up to shore and stepped out, and seconds later another canoe pulled in from political campaigning with the two guys we wanted!  Aaron was able to talk to them while I handed out roasted local nuts to the kids, and we zoomed off to Marulaon a short time later.

The kids did great while we were gone, Sarah grated coconut to complete the soup I had ready to go before we left, they brought in the shower bags, made it to evening prayer, and were singing hymns with Edi playing the guitar when Aaron and I walked up the steps to the house.

The fingerprinting is only one of several steps toward the renewal of our permits, so please continuing praying for every piece to fall into place.

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