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Marulaon house
Just for today...Monday, November 3
Edi cleaning books MONAround the house...we began cleaning each of the school books today.  The biggest chore is not reading while we clean!  Edi has a such a servant heart.
From the kitchen...crab!  One of Olivia's friends sent up a plate of crab - with the legs all pulled off. 
crab MON
Edi got to try a new food tonight and had to figure out which part was the correct part to eat.  She's such a good sport.
Opening crabs MON
A heart of thankfulness...that the rain tanks have made it to the school.  The plans have changed, though, and our whole family will be present for the official "hand over" at the school graduation on November 28.
Rain tanks SUN
From the learning rooms...I love the way Sonlight's Cores often correspond in their studies, all three of my older kids are studying genetics this week in various levels of difficulty.  We've pulled out the wonderful picture book "Gregor Mendel:  The Friar Who Grew Peas"  by Cheryl Bardoe, so Katherine can follow along, too.
Pondering these words..."Spending my time sighing over what I've given up doesn't impress God; obeying Him with joy does."  ~Joshua Harris
A few plans for the rest of the week...making lots of banana muffins to share with our neighbors and paddling over to Karumalun to record some Bible stories on Friday.
A peek into my corner of the world...I took Edi to the small spit of white sand beach on our island and she got to experience starfish for the first time.
Edi & Starfish SUN


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