Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Hand Holding

Twenty-five years ago today, Aaron boldly reached across and grabbed my hand while a group of friends watched a movie, and I've been holding his hand through thick and thin ever since!

How do I love his hands?  Let me count the ways...my Aaron's hands scrape and squeeze the best coconut cream in the whole village.  He also writes notes to friends in Lavukaleve with his hands.

Beautiful music pours out of his hands, and anyone in Aaron's circle of influence benefits from his servant hands.

Babies and children are soothed and cared for with his strong but gentle hands.  And his hands also know exactly how to rub the knots out of my tired back whenever I need him to.

Our family is strengthened by the fun and games initiated by his hands.  The lyrics to one of our favorite songs from the musical "Me and My Girl" says it well:

You require a lot of looking after.
That's one job in which I take a pride.
You can always make me smile, make my journey seem worthwhile.
Why not keep me always at your side to guide you?

Hold my hand
No matter what the weather,
Just you hold my hand,
We'll walk through life together,
For you'll find in me that kind of a friend
Who will see me through to the end.
So if you'll hold my hand
We both shall walk more steadily.
For understand, you hold my heart already in that dreamland:
Where I have planned that I shall hold your hand forever.

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Nahna said...

Sweet tribute to Aaron