Saturday, March 7, 2015

Thursday, February 26

Eight ladies, three from Karumulun and five from Marulaon, showed up this morning to help work through the Lavukal translation of "Daughter of the King".  A Solomon Islands Trust Development group came to run a workshop Wednesday through Friday, and many of the "regulars" that have been working on the book were chosen to either attend the other workshop or help cook for it.

ladies working on DoK

So I was pleased that five Marulaon ladies were able to come help.  We've made it about halfway through the book now!  We're working on making sure word choice, grammar, and naturalness are all correct.  But we're also being very careful to make sure that the subject matter is discussed within the cultural "guard rails". 

ladies working on DoK 2
When we finished for the day, the ladies took a couple of terms and a very specific paragraph about fertilization to check with their husbands and the big men of their villages to ensure that we are following the appropriate way to handle the delicate subject matter.

large group
When we finished, Janet Hassar (Ezekiel's wife), said, "When are we meeting again?"  I was thrilled to hear this, and we quickly set next Thursday morning as the next time to meet.  These ladies have so many responsibilities, and their lives are not easy, but they are still making the time to work on this book.  What a sweet gift!

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Cindy said...

This is wonderful! What a blessing it will be for their daughters and grand-daughters. Are they/you or Aaron considering creating a similar book for boys?