Tuesday, July 14, 2015

We practiced 2/3 of our triathalon yesterday morning.  Our hometown has added several biking and walking trails since we lived here last, and it's been fun to try out some new options.  This morning at 6:00 a.m., we had the electric company in our driveway getting ready for a long day of work in triple digit heat and high humidity.

After a trip to the farmers' market, I took the kids to the tennis courts while Aaron worked from home.  When we came home all hot and sweaty and munching on our cold honeydew melon, we found these guys in the driveway.

With no electricity, our wonderful little house stayed relatively cool all day long, never going above 80 degrees, which is only two degrees warmer than we keep the thermostat anyway.  We had planned for a day of Mr. Fix-Its, and soon the piano guy was taking apart our piano, probing away, and giving us his diagnosis.  It was really neat to look inside this piano that has been in my family for decades.
An extra treat to the day was meeting out of state friends for a late lunch at Stoby's.  Once again, I was enjoying visiting so much that I didn't get pictures, but we really enjoyed the time our friends gave us as they took a break from their travels.   By late afternoon, our electricity was back on again, and we were extra grateful for the cool, dehumidified air that was circulating through the house as well as for the guys that worked all day to make our home a better place to live.


Herding Grasshoppers said...

Well you've sure had a productive day! When is the triathlon you're all training for?

Choate Family said...

The triathlon is August 8, and we're really looking forward to it!