Thursday, September 1, 2016

Marulaon Woman's Daybook

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Just for today, Monday, August 29

Outside my window...every August and September, these trees erupt with sweetly scented blossoms. Katherine and I think they look like Q-tips just before the flowers open fully. For the last several years, I haven't been in Marulaon to see the blooms, but this year, I'm enjoying them fully! Does anybody know what kind of tree this is?
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From the learning rooms...just beginning the 2nd Nine Weeks today in an attempt to finish the school year by April.
On my bookshelf...Strong Inside. A biography of Perry Wallace, the first African American to play sports in the SEC. Great book!
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One of my favorite kids playing well together in our new canoe. We didn't know that they were in the canoe backwards until one of friends told us.
From the kitchen...cinnamon raisin swirl bread for breakfast this morning with some of the fresh eggs our SITAG colleagues sent. No more floating eggs to make sure that they haven't gone bad.

A heart of thankfulness...this sweet bunch of kids who were playing with a “Go Fish” set of alphabet cards that we gave away a few years ago. Beginning literacy in Lavukaleve is so important for this age group because they are the ones who will group with a Bible in their own language.
Pondering these words... “When I resolve myself to his will, and the inevitable changes that will come, I open my eyes to the joys and blessings of every day of my life. I can either resolve myself to being faithful and joyful, or I can let that opportunity pass me by. If I resolve to be faithful, I will be able to celebrate all of life as God gives it to me without regret.” ~Sally Clarkson, Seasons of a Mother's Heart
A peek into my corner of the world...Sarah underneath the house this afternoon. She is making a “grass skirt” for a little SITAG cousin. The skirt really isn't made of grass, it's bark, and Sarah harvested the bark a few weeks ago. Now that the bark has softened in sea water for a couple of weeks, it's ready to be made into a skirt for a cute four-year-old!

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