Monday, September 12

The materials were all ready, all we needed were the workers! Today began our “kitchen raising.” Just before noon, a couple of friends showed up to sew up the leaves into panels to construct the walls and roof of our outside kitchen.

We finished school as quickly as possible. I went down to peel cooking bananas and cassava while Aaron worked alongside our friends, and we all visited while we worked. Soon, we had a small group of friends underneath our house working. Olivia and Katherine offered their services as babysitters for the many little ones that accompanied their mamas.
IMG_4605 - Copy (480x270)
Sarah came down, too, and learned how to sew up the leaves. Benjamin was stuck inside finishing up his physics and pre-cal. I soon moved up to my happy place (not that I was unhappy underneath the house), the indoor kitchen, and peeled and chopped to prepare a thank you meal for our friends who had given so generously of their time and energy. Just as the sun began to drop behind the coconut trees on the western side of our house, we gathered to eat and to celebrate a day well spent!


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