Tuesday, September 13

IMG_4617 - Copy (480x320)
We have a roof on our kitchen! Walter and Tom worked for a few hours this morning to build the roof using the panels made yesterday. Aaron had already paddled over to Baison Village to train them for comprehension checking in preparation for the checking of Jonah in a few weeks. He returned home mid-afternoon after the roof was already complete.
Last night, after we had already eaten supper and were beginning the clean-up process, Leku brought by a HUGE bag of haleav shells. I knew there was no way we could open and cook them before bedtime, so today I asked Kiko if she would help us open the critters. After radio sched, Sarah, Katherine, and I walked down to Kiko's house where we quickly worked our way through the entire bag. We left Kiko with half of the haleav and brought home her recipe to cook the shellfish with chili pepper leaves, onion, and coconut milk.


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