Saturday, September 10

“Solomon Time” challenges me. The two-pronged approach to life opposes so many of the values I hold dear, yet also opens my eyes to other cultural viewpoints. I've learned to flex to the lack of following a clock.
It's harder for me when plans are constantly changing, the first prong of this cross cultural truth. The last few days have been full of changing plans. Motor canoes that were supposed to be available at the last minute become unavailable. Meetings that were supposed to happen, suddenly get moved to a different day. This mindset wears on me as I try to decipher what is really going on. When I remember that God holds time in His hands, I'm comforted and given strength to keep trying to blunder my way prayerfully through another culture.
The other prong that challenges me is when people tell me that they will accomplish something, yet the goal may or may not be met in what I consider a timely manner. Or at all! I know that if I tell somebody that I will do something, I have to do it right away, or I usually forget to do it. Sometimes the reluctance to complete a project is actually my neighbors' way of telling me “no” without incurring shame. I still have a hard time discerning the root of actions here. In all of the tensions, I want to shine with God's love and to point people to His Word.
So, I beg for prayers - Sunday mid-day here, or Saturday evening in America. I hardly have a voice, and the three ladies who are helping me lead the small groups for the Aitum Ovovo workshop are all facing physical challenges of their own. But we will offer the little we have as we share God's Word along some practical information to encourage the ladies in Marulaon Village.


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