Sweet and Full

The last two days, we've jumped back into the swing of things here at SITAG.  Life has been sweet and FULL!  The kids and I started back to school Monday while Aaron attended an all-day Advisory Committee (AC) meeting.  After lunch, Sarah and Katherine made peanut butter cookies to help break the monotony of Aaron's meeting. 

Stewardship is important to us.  Whether it's our bodies, time, money, energy, or minds, we want to take good care of what God has given to us.  With Sarah and Benjamin in their senior and junior years of high school, we've been pursuing standardized testing and scholarships and doing our best to be good stewards of the good brains God has given them. 

Yesterday afternoon, I was checking with my mom about the anticipated letter in the mail telling us how to proceed through the National Merit Scholarship program since Sarah was named a semifinalist.  My mom has been great about forwarding mail to us and helping us by being our hands and feet back in Arkansas.  After some heart-stopping moments trying to figure out where in the world this letter might be, my mom discovered the letter with our renters.  If the letter had shown up at my parents' home a couple of weeks earlier, it would now be in a box slowly making its way to the Solomon Islands.  But because it was stuck with our renters, my mom was able to send the information so we can meet the October 12th deadline for the scholarship application.  God's timing and provision indeed!
Today, it was my turn to have a meeting.  The CHED committee met for an afternoon of work, then our family hosted a precious SITAG couple for an early birthday supper with apple dumplings substituting for birthday cake.  This couple just celebrated thirty years of service in the Solomon Islands, and we listened to their stories with laughter and a few tears past our bedtime.  We're so grateful for the colleagues with whom we get to share life over here.


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