Thursday, September 15

We've turned into a little take-away restaurant here in Marulaon! Yesterday, Sarah made a chocolate birthday cake to be sent across the Russell Islands on the Kosco to one of the young ladies at school in Yandina. Today, our family contributed rice and stuff to go on top of rice to feed Group 2 during the church work day. And tomorrow, when the translation team arrives, we'll work together with my friend Kiko to keep the guys’ tummies filled with good, nutritious food to help their minds work well. They'll be continuing to peer-review the book of Matthew, and Aaron will be training the guys to do the village comprehension checks of Jonah and Ruth while we are in Honiara. Prayers appreciated for Friday and Saturday as the team puts in many hours toward the translation of God's Word into Lavukaleve. They don't sleep much when they are focusing and intent on the translation work!


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