Happy birthday, Katherine!

This spunky girl showed up when Aaron and I were both up to our necks in linguistics school.  We're so glad she did.

Today we celebrated nine years of Katherine's life.  Our little ISFP has more of her life documented in this little blog space than the other children.

The day was simple.  My goal was for Katherine's special day not to be overshadowed by our move back to Honiara. 
A box from America helped set the festive tone, and sweet friends here cemented the party atmosphere.

Katherine requested red velvet cake with cream cheese ice cream (following Sarah's birthday footsteps last year).  We warned her that sometimes there isn't any cream cheese in Honiara.

But God had all of the details under control, and Sarah dished up some rich cake and ice cream to finish up our sweet celebration of Katherine.


Cindy said…
Thank you for the birthday post! Katherine's profile pic looks so much like Sarah! Happy Birthday, precious Katherine. I love you!

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