Friday, March 31

Aaron and Benjamin replaced all of the house's gutters yesterday while I was at the school. Yippee! Now all of the house maintenance projects are complete and we can turn our attentions to packing up and finishing well in Marulaon.

Yesterday on radio sched, we confirmed that the Kosco had indeed broken down and wasn't going to come to our village next week. So now we are left scrambling among only a few options. Do we choose cheaper or faster? What copra ships will be in the area that might have room for our family? Copra ships aren't meant to carry passengers, and they stop at every little village along the way to pick up cargo. It might take us two days to get back to Honiara on a copra ship. If one happened to come along. Sarah and Benjamin are cleaning out their rooms, so we have more cargo than usual. Should we try to hire two motor canoes to go across the open ocean quickly? Or do we try to think totally out of the box and look for a different option? And how do our choices affect the community here? Please pray for our wisdom and for our SITAG family as they do their best to gather information for us. We have tickets to leave the country in just a few weeks, and many things will be claiming our time and attention when we return to Honiara.


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