Still waiting, but not bored!


While we wait for our boxes from the village to arrive, we haven't been twiddling our thumbs!  We usually do school year round, pausing only to move, then starting right back up again.  This schedule works well for our family and gives the kids routine and stability no matter where we live.

We've finished the 2016-2017 school year, giving us freedom to serve our SITAG family with our time and energy that are usually consumed by school.  Benjamin has been gluing carpet squares onto the bottom of chairs to protect the beautiful hard wood floors.  Sarah has been heating up the kitchen with yummy food to share with new arrivals and to spice up long, tedious meetings.  All of the kids have given time and energy this week to the Educational Resource Center preparing books to go into the database.  We are so thankful for the little library!

Only Aaron continues his normal line of work...attending meetings and getting Jonah and Ruth ready for printing so they can head out to the Lavukal as soon as possible.


I love that you've finished the school year :D Yes, the year-round stability is a good thing, but so is a break! And you're all SO PRODUCTIVE!

And I'm so excited that you're printing Jonah and Ruth!!!!!

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