It's official.  I'm the parent of a high school graduate.  No cap and gown.  No fancy venue.

Just some good food and faithful friends under the fluorescent lights and ceiling fans.

Surrounded by books about linguistics and translation, we celebrated Sarah's academic accomplishments,

and our SITAG family said goodbye to Sarah and Benjamin.

As our kids have moved from being the little kids at SITAG to the big kids, small "cousins" have attached themselves.

We are super proud of Sarah and Benjamin and the choices they are making in every area of their lives.

The evening was full of blessings and encouragement given by Aaron and our SITAG family.

Some of you across the globe even participated by sending in your letters for Sarah. 

Thank you so, SO much for taking part in her life.

Knowing that Sarah will be upheld in prayer as she starts a new chapter in her life...that's a priceless gift.


What a celebration - what lovely pictures - yes, I did shed a few tears. Can't wait to see you all on our "home turf" next week -- blessings, love and our prayers! (Henk & Margreet)
What a wonderful celebration! And - oh my goodness! - she looks absolutely lovely in that simple black and white dress :D

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