Marriage Monday

My friend, Ann, keeps a wonderful blog, and one of my favorite features is "Marriage Monday".  Healthy marriages are on my mind a lot lately, partially because I am watching marriages all around me (and in my own house) take hits left and right.  We leave the country in about 24 hours, and then we will be on the road for four weeks as we gallivant around the world.  Transition is stressful to any relationship, but especially marriage.  I'm grateful for a loving husband who is committed to Jim and Sally Conway's list, Ten Traits of a Lasting Marriage:
1)  A commitment to stay married and to keep their marriage as a high priority
2)  Ability to communicate
3)  Personal spiritual life
4)  Resolving conflicts
5)  Relationships with others/a circle of friends
6) Sexual intimacy
7)  Sharing fun, leisure, and humor
8)  Realistic expectations
9)  Serving each other and sharing leadership
10)  Growing personally
At Sarah's graduation this weekend, the amazing couple who have been serving the Solomon Islands for thirty-four years shared that they knew their recent trip across the Pacific Ocean hadn't been quite as stressful as earlier trips because they hadn't had a major fight!  They give me hope that Jesus can continue to spark change and growth in our marriages. 


Ann Hibbard said…
This post brings tears to my eyes. You and Aaron have been such an accountability for us, knowing we can share and be open about our marriage with the two of you. Thank you for the example you set! Love you!

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