Saturday, April 1

Over the last few weeks, we've seen roroyo used more and more to ward off evil spirits. When our kids went on a picnic with their friends, the adult chaperone placed three small branches of roroyo along the beach to protect them. And when they began to paddle home, the canoe with the smallest children also received several branches of roroyo. Then one day, I was sitting and chatting with one of my good friends, and I decided to boldly ask her about roroyo. She confirmed all the ways I had already seen it used, then showed me where she had stuck it around the edges of a man made extension of the beach in front of her house.

She said she was afraid of the high tide because it was windy, so she put the roroyo there for protection. I took a deep breath, sent up a silent prayer for wisdom, and jumped in with both feet to ask her how she could layer her belief of Jesus with her belief in roroyo. She looked at me funny and responded that she believed in the power of both! Later, I asked the same friend where the power in roroyo originated, and she told me the Creator put it there. Just like He put all kinds of good medicine in the plants he created. This friend of mine is one of the most active women in the church. Oh, how I need wisdom to walk sensitively in this area, yet I also need the courage to help my friends see what the Bible says about God's power.


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