We helped blow up balloons, but our creative director did all of the work.  See that thing that looks like a big book with funny writing on it?  It's actually hiding a box of hot-off-the-press Roviana Bibles.  Complete Bibles.  And we were getting ready to help surprise the sweet couple who has given the last thirty-years of their lives toward Bible translation in the Solomon Islands.

The stepped off the plane to rousing cheers and noise from our SITAG family on top of the airport.  I just love that the Solomon Islands still lets us welcome people this way!

After a little bit of a wait to find the luggage, our friends emerged into the heat and humidity to find Sarah's beautiful flower necklaces quickly draped around their necks.

Then it was surprise time as our director steered them into a pavilion where folks from their language group were waiting.  We listened to a hymn sung in Roviana, and then...the big reveal!

The big paper Bible was delicately cut open to show the box of Bibles that just arrived yesterday.  The rest of the boxes are coming on a ship in a few weeks. 

The new Bible made its way gently and reverently from hand to hand, then we closed with another song sung by sweet people smiling from ear to ear.


Could not hold back tears when I saw those pictures!!

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