Resting with intention

Usually the act of lifting weights is considered the moment where strength gains are made, but this would be incorrect.  In fact during a weight lifting session the muscles become distressed and there are little rips and tears made to the muscle tissue.  It is only through rest that the strength gains are made as our bodies fuse together new muscle fibers creating a thicker muscle with a greater capacity for lifting.

Strength isn't gained as we work.  Strength is gained as we rest....

God has created us for both work and rest.  These components function together and one without the other weakens us.  Work is important.  We must expend energy, we must push, we must risk, we must learn; but we are missing a key element to health, both physical and spiritual, if we cannot stop, breathe and rest.  We will not make gains if we don't rest with intention.

~Joy Smalley, from "The Anatomy of Rest"
Honiara sunset
It's about to be anything but restful around here.  That's why, come the beginning of June, I'm going to hide away.  A little bit of "resting with intention".  Just a couple of weeks of being still and quiet and listening to my Jesus in my backyard, or maybe on my front porch, before I jump back into life in America again.


YES! Amen and GOOD FOR YOU. Unplug for as long as you want to!

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