Monday, April 1, 2013

Holy Saturday

After the birthday party Saturday morning, we enjoyed a drop-in visitor (you know we love it!) who stayed for a little while.  She played games, visited, and helped us begin to prepare food for Easter.  She had to leave too soon, and next time I'll get pictures. 
Sarah and I planned to make some things that would be a little more difficult if we were trying to make them in the Solomon Islands.  I made the dill-deviled eggs, and Sarah piped them.

I love that food can be pleasing to the mouth, nourish the body, and look nice, too!  Sarah and I also made my great-grandmother's coconut cake.  Having a good candy thermometer made a big difference in getting the icing just right.  I did miss my fresh coconut, though!  I only played sous-chef to Sarah's head chef, and she did a great job with the cake.

Of course, we had to dye Easter eggs, even if we weren't planning to hide them.  My kids creative juices came pouring out.

No matter where we live, we always make resurrection cookies.  It's just quicker to beat the egg whites with a mixer here in the States than by hand in the village!

 Each of the ingredients helps us focus on Christ's suffering and death. 
The kids took turns reading the passages of scripture to go along with the ingredients.
And they each added a piece of bright orange tape (because that's what we had available) to seal the "tomb" before we went to bed.


LISA said...

We would love a good coconut cake recipe...only if you are willing to share.

Choate Family said...

I'm willing :-)

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Love the orange tape ;D