Sunday, April 14, 2013

Portales, New Mexico

We drove to Portales, New Mexico, to spend the weekend with some old friends.  Or, as Aaron says, not "old" friends, just friends that we've known for a long time. 
Both of our friends are professors at Eastern New Mexico University, and the choir is preparing for a performance of Mozart's Requiem next weekend.  They let us help set up the risers and sing along (Olivia even got to turn pages!).


Friday evening, Aaron accompanied a piece on a vocal recital. 
He and I both reveled in the chance to be a part of the world of music again.  We know that God created both of us to be musicians, and furlough offered us a beautiful chance to be involved again.

Our kids have been bitten by the music bug, too!

Saturday, the gorgeous weather called us all to go outside, and the turtles in our friends' backyard agreed.  

They began to emerge from their winter slumber, and our kids had a great time looking for turtles in all the nooks and crannies of the yard.

We also spent many hours at the ping pong table in the garage.

The gorgeous afternoon lured us out to play Frisbee golf at a park in nearby Clovis.  Aaron was the only one in our family that had ever played, so the rest of us had fun learning.

When the girls tired of playing Frisbee golf, we headed over to the playground while the boys played several more holes.

Saturday evening, we pulled out our cellos and filled the house with beautiful music.  Kayla accompanied both Aaron and me while we worked on our music degrees, and it was such a joy to make music together again.

Our friends have such sweet, encouraging spirits, and they welcomed our family as if we really were part of their family.  They accepted the chaos of four kids in the house and folded us into their home like the extra cooking and noise were a normal part of their days!  Even their basset hound, Bartok, joined the fun.

Sunday after church, we enjoyed one last pocket of time together.  Katherine gave a finger crochet lesson.

And we all got last minute hugs.

So thankful that God sent us this refreshing time of encouragement!


Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh hurray for the blessing of good "old" friends, and music, too!

The kids sure look happy... and the grown-ups :D


Ann said...

Precious! I love it when God lets you delight in music so deeply.

Bartokhound said...

We sure did pack a whole lot of fun into four days, did we not?! And I'm so thankful we captured most of it in pictures. The rest (the dirt devil-invoked dragster-driving, the Horchada tasting, buffalo viewing and so much more) will forever be etched in my memory.
Can't wait to make memories with you in your village home in the not-so-distant future!
Lots of love,
Jayla and Bartok

The dB family said...

What a fun day for you all!