Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Finish Line

If you spend much time on Wycliffe's website, you may be familiar with "The Finish Line", a special publication which highlights the needs and struggles of scripture project nearing completion.  The 2013 edition has just been published, with the Pacific edition having special interest to our family on pages 21-22.  Three projects in the Solomon Islands are SO close! 
These funny sounding names:
Kwaio (New Testament),
North Malaita cluster (New Testament - Baeggu & Baelelea)
and Roviana (Whole Bible!)
all bring to our minds images of the beloved people involved.  Will you please pray with us?


Betsy de Cruz said...

That's exciting to be approaching the finish line!

us5 said...

it's so exciting to see how God is at work through His people - to know that His Word is being revealed for the first time in the heart languages of those who have never heard! thanks for your part in His work! ♥

The dB family said...

Yes, I will! So neat to see. The first photo made me laugh.