Saturday, May 6, 2017

Old friends and dinosaurs aren't the same thing

We haven't seen Janinn since 2011.  And we had never met her husband until we arrived at their home in Calgary.

Yet they welcomed us into their home like we were the most ancient and dearest of friends.

And they took us to the Royal Tyrrell Museum in the midst of dinosaur country.

The chilly weather in Alberta morphed into a gorgeous, warm day with bright blue skies. 

We marveled at the animals God created,

 at the topography and geology of the Canadian Badlands,

and at these kind people who folded us into their family so quickly.

Can you see everybody waving from the observation deck on top of the hill?

Sarah wanted to take a picture of the two of us,

so we (once again) enjoyed the freedoms of living in a country where I can smooch my hubby in public.

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Andrew and Megan said...

Okay, I think we're going to have to plan a trip to AB on a future trip back... that dinosaur museum looks way too cool!