Wednesday, May 10, 2017

We arrived in the beautiful Pacific Northwest last Friday evening to stay with my friend, Julie, in her beautiful old home.  (All of the pictures in the posts from our time together will be a mix of her photos and mine.)

She knew that our family would still need help with transitioning back to America, so she planned some refreshing times to enjoy spending time in God's beautiful creation.

Saturday, we took a picnic lunch to Hovander Homestead Park with its lovely fragrance garden.

I have never seen such a diverse group of kids get along so very well.  They ranged from 9-20 years of age.

Spring was certainly springing up everywhere!

From the pregnant ewe to the light green on the trees, I soaked up the evidence of the changing seasons.

We finished up the day at Julie's parents' home.  They helped fill up our empty tanks as they served up elk burgers and a gorgeous view of the bay while the sun descended.

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The Hibbard Family said...

I have so enjoyed seeing all of the pictures from this visit! What a treasure to have that visit!