Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Prayer Requests from Lavukal Translators

We asked the Lavukal Translators to write down any prayer requests they may have.  Here are their responses, word for word:

Ezekiel Hassar - My need in prayer:  For my family to become one in translation work and also for myself in my training.

Edward Getu - The need in prayer:  for my family to had the knowledge of understanding, the dedication service for God in this translation training for Lavukleve.

Stanley Kamedoa - I and my family must understand and to dedicate ourselves on translation work so we have to pray hard.

Ben Novali - I need only for my wife and children for protection and guidance from God for my whole family as we did not stay together.

Barnabas Alisikalam - My family needs prayer from all Christian throughout from the church so that my children may know more about this Lavukaleve translation, so that they can understand the words.

Janet Ngoane - My need in prayer:  I need to pray for my family that they must know what is translation and pray for my children they are engaged in education.

Albert -
1) I need your prayers for the health of my brother Richard Lema
2) I need your prayers the health of my family and especially for myself, my grandson and my wife (Joana)
3) Prayer for my wife to support me in His holy work of translation

Matthew Mina - My need in prayer: for my family to help in doing translation training, to help myself as well as Lavukal people

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