Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday, May 24

Yesterday, the village began installing the 2,000 gallon rain tank we brought out to Marulaon.  They even let Benjamin work with them rain tank - Benjaminfor several hours.  Over and over again, our neighbors have expressed their appreciation for the two donors that provided the money for the rain tank, guttering, nails, and shipping. 
The need for fresh water in all of the small islands that fringe Pavuvu remains a high priority.  Last week when the translators met in Marulaon, they expressed their jealousy that Marulaon had a new rain tank and they didn't!  But Janet reminded them that the big rain tank here was to provide water for all of the surrounding communities, as well. 

rain tank

rain tank - Hensi

Thanks to our friends in Honiara, we've been able to make the decision to catch the Kosko from Yandina early tomorrow morning.  We still haven't decided whether to take just one canoe with computers, back packs, life jackets, and all of us, or to try and take two canoes with all of the school books, empty gas cylinders, empty flour buckets, and empty boxes.  Please pray for our wisdom as Aaron makes arrangements for transportation today. 
We should be leaving Marulaon about 1 p.m. CST Tuesday afternoon for our 45 minute canoe ride to Yandina.  Then, we'll catch the Kosco for the five hour ride into Honiara, arriving mid to late afternoon.  We're so thankful that we have options for transportation and that our ride is SO short.  Thanks for your prayers for calm seas and smooth transitions.

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