A Day in the life of SITAG...

Teamwork.  Life here is all about teamwork.
Between 3:00 and 4:30 this afternoon, SITAG was full of teamwork as I walked around poking my nose in different places.  Sarah was scooping ice cream to serve to the participants at the close of the Trauma Healing workshop.

More than twenty church and community leaders completed the course held at SITAG this week.

I walked downstairs and found the Baeggu language team checking portions of the New Testament.

Then I walked back up two flights of steps where some of our precious employees were using their gifts to help Bible translation.  Frida was sweeping and making everything clean outside,

and sweet Betsy was mopping and cleaning up inside.  Love these ladies!

Only a few steps away, the Gela team was hard at work on their final read-through of the New Testament,

making changes on the screen as they edited.

When I walked through my own door, I found my husband hard at work in the little space he has created for himself.

My kitchen was full of girls cooking, giggling, and creating with their own sort of teamwork.  I think this is exactly how God intended for our lives to be lived - working together and depending upon each other.


Bartokhound said…
Wish I were licking my fingers while joining in teamwork, ala Katherine-style!


Anonymous said…
love, love, love this.


Love you guys!


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