Saturday, December 24, 2016

Friday, December 23

A peek into village life right now:
Clean the walls with bleach water to combat mold. Count how many cans of diced tomatoes we have in the pantry. Go dance to prepare for Sunday's Christmas festivities. Check the house batteries in hopes that a little bit of sun is glowing through the clouds.
IMG_6251 - Copy (480x270)
Count how many rolls of toilet paper we have left in the house. Sing with the choir to make sure everything is ready for the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day services. Pause to use up the bubbles with friends. Check school books to make sure we have what we need for January in Honiara and pack them up.
Radio sched with our colleagues in Honiara and learn that the Kosco will be arriving at Marulaon in the middle of the night Monday night. Play a family game. Paint the church. Take inventory of the medicine box. Thank God that the rain tanks are overflowing.

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