Thursday, December 1, 2016

Tuesday, November 28

Leonard was at our door yesterday at 8:00 getting all of the instructions for the transportation of the translation team to Nono Village. It was late morning by the time Simon had been collected and Leonard was back for Aaron. Just as Aaron was leaving, our friends Leku and Ruthie unexpectedly showed up to finish sewing up the leaves for our kitchen.
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Many hands really do make light work. Aaron had been working to make leaf panels all last week, but with just a few sets of extra hands, the panels were finished in a few hours. We shared our lunch (soup made with curry, coconut cream, pumpkin leaves, and local potatoes) as a small thank you and took a lunch break to help a little bit.

I tried to explain that we needed to read a book for school that was a book from England (Dickens' "Great Expectations") and that we had a recording to listen to, instead of me reading. The woman on the recording was from England, so they wouldn't be surprised when they heard somebody else in our house.
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As soon as school was finished, we all went out to help again. So many little kids came and played on the beams in our kitchen that I was reminded of a jungle gym. Who needs fancy playground equipment when you can turn somersaults in the kitchen?
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I popped back in the house for radio sched and started Olivia and Katherine through the showers while Sarah and Benjamin finished the last few panels outside. Thankfully, the bell for evening prayer was much later than usual. We never know if it's going to ring at 5:00 or 6:00 or somewhere in between.
Our friends finished the kitchen in time for everybody to get cleaned up and head to church. We can't wait to show Aaron the finished kitchen when he gets back on Friday!
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