Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Travel Update

Any of you who have followed the Choates updates over their years in the Solomon Islands have probably seen their many references to “island time” and the flexibility it requires!

At the last minute, the Kosco’s plans to travel to the Russells this week were cancelled, leaving the Choates scrambling to find alternate transportation back to Honiara. There are not a lot of options when it comes to finding a boat capable of handling the open ocean, but God opened a connection, helping them secure a boat and a driver. This alternate plan will involve greatly scaling back on the luggage allotment, but it will also mean a two-hour boat trip (followed by about an hour of drive time) instead of nine hours on the Kosco, so that’s a blessing! If all goes according to schedule, they will leave Marulaon today (Tuesday) around noon CST, 5 AM Wednesday SI time.

How you can pray: Please pray for stamina after several nights of greatly reduced sleep due to Christmas celebrations and the anticipation of a middle-of-the-night Kosco departure. Pray also for a timely and smooth trip back and for the finances to fall into place to handle the necessary expenses related to travel adjustment. Finally, pray for energy as the Choates have a full slate for their brief weeks in Honiara before returning for another village stay.

Thanks for the prayers!

- Ann H.

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