Tuesday, December 20

Today my Benjamin turned 16 years old. Our celebration was very low key. Sarah made cinnamon rolls, and Benjamin didn't have to do any chores.
IMG_6130 - Copy (480x320)
Aaron and Ezekiel had some loose ends that they needed to tie up before Christmas and our return to town next week, so they worked on the porch for almost five hours.
IMG_6133 - Copy (480x319)
The rest of us played games (Benjamin won) and cooked delicious things in the kitchen. Sarah made a spice cake and gingersnap ice cream that was absolutely amazing! We'll celebrate more when we get back to Honiara next week.
Benjamin wanted his candles to light like a row of dominoes falling, so he clumped the birthday candles on one side of his cake. He has a servant heart, so, of course, when it was time to eat birthday cake and ice cream, he wanted to scoop the ice cream onto the plates.
IMG_6173 - Copy (320x480)

From our chalkboard:
Benjamin is awesome because:
-He likes to sing and can sound really good
-He is a great brother
-He looks good except when he makes weird faces
-Good with little kids
-Likes to do what is right
-He loves his sibs
-He is a good snuggle buddy


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