Tuesday, December 13

Just as the sun was climbing up this morning, Aaron paddled over to Karumalun to work with Ezekiel and some of the other leaders in Karumalun Village. Today also happened to be St. Lucia's Day. As the oldest daughter, Sarah has traditionally prepared breakfast yumminess for the family to celebrate. Yesterday, Olivia asked if she could be the one to make breakfast, but I reminded her that this was Sarah's last year at home for St. Lucia's Day. Olivia's eyes got big, and she quickly acquiesced.


IMG_5983 - Copy (320x480) (2)


Aaron came home earlier than we anticipated because he had started running a fever that really knocked him flat. Ezekiel paddled Aaron back to Marulaon Village. What a good friend. We're watching Aaron for signs of infection, but also for malaria, because in our house those two ailments often go hand in hand.


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