Saturday, December 3, 2016

Friday, December 2

"In [God's] kingdom, love lays down its right to safety. To privacy. This love is willing to be inconvenienced and interrupted....This love loves neighbor as it loves itself."
~Christie Purifoy "Roots and Sky"
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I've had a hard week. Every day, it seems that my American culture has head butted against my Solomon Island culture. I haven't wanted to give up my concept of time or "be inconvenienced or interrupted." My kids excel at loving their neighbors well. I prefer to cling to routine and the safety it provides.
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Aaron came back home late this morning after a week of working with the translation team. They've finished peer reviewing Matthew 1-4. Aaron just jumped right in to a big community event with the rest of us. We've had some overseas investors here for the last few days, so we've had extra cooking and village activities. With our finished kitchen, we even got to make a tray of lelenga/cassava pudding! I'm so proud of my introvert husband, he was quickly down at the bottom of the hill, chatting away with two of our friends about translation and God's work in the Russell Islands.

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Cindy said...

Even though it is challenging, you do a great job of laying down your life for others. I have watched you do it in the village, in the SITAG compound at 324, on the road, at 619 and everywhere else. May the Lord give you the grace and strength to continue doing it. Your life is a sweet testimony of surrender. Mi lovem yu tu mas!