Saturday, September 14, 2013

Saturday, in the park...

Today we drove down to a fundraiser supporting Selwyn College.  It's what those of us from North America would call a junior high and high school, and it's associated with the Church of Melanesia.
Two of our friends from Marulaon attend Selwyn College, and several ice chests of fish came back on the Kosco to help raise money for the school today.  We found Gerald, our chief's son, and visited with him for a few minutes.  Students fro each province in the Solomon Islands set up a pavilion so we headed for Central Province, which encompasses the Russell Islands.  I bought some shellfish to take home from this booth, then we walked around to look for some food to eat for lunch. 
Instead of food, we found friends!  Grace and her husband Humphrey had also come to support the Lavukal kids who attend the school.  Olivia is as tall as Grace now!  Our friends don't have any of their own kids here, so it was a surprise and a treat to see my fishing buddy.  We made plans to hop in her canoe when I arrive back in Marulaon next month.

Eventually we found food.  Lots of chicken wings and fish cooking over an open fire.  Yum!  We added some green coconuts and some watermelon, and we had a delicious lunch.

We were so happy to find Harris, who is Sarah's age.  Her mom is Lavukal and her dad is from Malaita, so she had food in two different provincial booths.  We made sure to get a little bit from both booths.  Harris' mom, Julie, and little brother also attended the fundraiser, and we enjoyed catching up with them.  Julie's mom, Katherine, had a tumor just before we left last year, and I'm so thankful we were able to say goodbye to her literally minutes before we got on the plane.  She had passed away while we were on furlough, and we were able to tell Julie and Harris how sorry we were.  We enjoyed a fabulous day in the park of feasting and fellowship!


Bartokhound said...

The coconuts and chicken wings look scrumptious! Topped off with watermelon? What a feast! It's wonderful you could contribute fish to the occasion and be reunited with friends. Sounds like a wonderful day for your family, and for your friends, too!

Anonymous said...

That Harris is a DOLL! It's really great to see the kids' friends in these pictures and stories on your blog. Even I (the vegetarian) think the food looks awesome, too. Hope the fundraiser was successful!