Last Weekend

Friday, August 26
We have 11 inches total left in our rain tank, so Aaron and I decided that we will begin to bathe in well water.  We had already gone to washing clothes in well water and not washing sheets or any clothes that weren't standing up and walking on their own.  We've also asked our neighbors to bring lots of green coconuts to drink to market tomorrow.


Saturday, August 27
I think all of us but Naomi are feeling back to normal again - yay!

This morning, I went with a couple of friends and Benjamin, Olivia, and Katherine to the garden to dig up some ubikola and umalau for Aaron to take with him to Karumolun tomorrow for his workshop.  Please keep praying for rain, Karumolun also has no fresh water supply other than rain, and they will be hosting up to fifteen extra people for this workshop.  Aaron will take a couple of buckets of water with him tomorrow, too.

Sunday, August 28


Yesterday, Aaron was asked to preach, so he donned his albs (he looks so handsome) and preached this morning.  Usually when he preaches, we get a downpour of rain, but not this morning.  The downpour waited until the afternoon!  Aaron was able to gather everything he needed for the Translation Principles workshop and leave in between bursts of rain.  Please don't stop praying for rain, though.  Aaron will be in Karumolun until Thursday evening teaching the translator candidates.


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