SITAG this week

Although SITAG is a tiny entity, lots is going on this week. 

The volunteer team from Bundaberg leaves this week.  They have been such a blessing to SITAG!  Bundaberg was the home of Florence Young and the place where Solomon Islanders were "blackbirded" in the late 1800's to work on sugar cane plantations, so this group has a special connection to the Solomons.

A good friend of ours flew from the States to spend a few days in Honiara before he heads out to Munda.  The whole Roviana Bible is almost completely translated!

Another friend from Australia will be flying in on Thursday to work with the Literacy Association of the Solomon Islands (LASI), and yet another friend will be flying in from PNG on Friday to return to her work with Scripture Use after attending the Pacific Orientation Course.

Our current SITAG house sits attached to another small apartment and on top of a conference room.  In the conference room below, a friend works with Adapt-It to translate into the Fataleka language.  He says:

"We finished the second part of the translation principles in a week and a half and now we have started to draft the book of Mark. Because the Fataleka language is so closely related to the Kwara’ae language that already has a New Testament, we are using a computer program that enables them to translate from the Kwara’ae New Testament."

Outside our house, Max helps keep SITAG in good shape while his new baby girl and wife rest at their house next door to the Translation Center.  And on one side of our building, Patson works to install some window treatment for the small apartment,

while our SITAG director makes sure the internet is working on the other side of the apartment.

There is so much going on here, I don't even know half of it, but we are so thankful to play a small part in the work of Bible translation in the Solomon Islands.


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