Market Morning

Honiara's Central Market offers such a great variety of foods!  This is what a normal shopping trip to market looks like for our family.  This morning, I picked up three cantaloupes, two watermelons, lettuce, tomatoes, bananas, limes, green beans, wing beans, a pumpkin, Chinese cabbage, ginger, three pineapples, a pomelo, and four green coconuts.  Now that we've been in the Solomons almost three years, Lavukal are beginning to recognize us when we are in Honiara.   I was hailed by a lady from the Russells who had brought in coconut crab and some seaweed.  I bought a couple of coconut crabs from her and gave them away to one of the families that works for SITAG and is expecting a baby any day.  We are SO thankful for the amazing fresh foods we can buy here.


Abi's Blog said…
This DOES look amazing - especially the tomatoes. I had pretty vines, but just too hot to make many tomatoes. Ummm...wish you could send some of the pineapple our way - I loved the fresh pineapple in Mexico - so much better than what we get here after it has stayed in a truck/ship for so long. :)
Love ya,

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