Update on Naomi

Naomi and I spent all morning at the hospital yesterday.  One of our SITAG "aunties" watched the kids for me and made sure they did their schoolwork, and Sarah made gingersnaps to share with the hospital staff.  First we went to the ENT who performed a hearing test on Naomi and found that she has trouble hearing low registers in her left ear.  Since her ear is still stopped up, the ENT thinks Naomi's hearing will return when her ear pops.

Then, amidst power outages, we waited almost an hour and a half for her ten o'clock appointment for her abdominal ultrasound.  The doctor who did her scan (he is 'Are'Are, where some good friends of ours work), found nothing abnormal.  We took the results of her appointments back to try and find Dr. Elizabeth at the other end of the hospital.  She was busy in another ward, so we left a note asking her to call us at the house.  Now, we're just waiting to see what she says. 

Naomi and I grabbed a bite to eat, and tackled the grocery list.  I was really hoping that somebody had come in on the Kosko and brought some fresh crab to Honiara's Central Market.  I found some urio (coconut crab) and asked where they were from - SCORE!  The were from the Russells, and I was able to practice a tiny bit of Lavukaleve, build a new relationship,  and walk away with two nice crabs.  The crabs found their way into some seafood gumbo that we enjoyed for supper (along with the auntie, and her husband, who ended up watching the kids a lot longer than we had anticipated).  The day was super full, but good.


Abi's Blog said…
Praying you had a blessed Sunday...Praying that Naomi is feeling better...Thankful for the sweet card I received from a sweet girl...Thank you, Sarah. I have it on my fridge and pray for you each time a see it.

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