Saturday, September 3
Harris came over this afternoon to learn how to play Uno (in Lavukaleve of course!) and to show me how her grandmother makes lelenga. Instead of our traditional way of making lelenga with thick coconut cream (rumit) and cassava (ubikola), we added a layer of slippery cabbage, green beans, pumpkin, tomatoes, and chili peppers in the middle.

Sunday, September 4
Naomi had a rotten night last night, and we are beginning to think she has malaria.  Her fever is spiking in the evenings, and when it does, she begins to vomit.  So this morning after church, our friend, Julie, who is a nurse, went with Naomi and me to the clinic on the mainland.  Her blood showed up negative for malaria, but she is pumped full of fever meds, and, in our experience, the protozoa doesn't usually show up unless your fever is sky high.  We'll start her on malaria meds today.

Our water situation continues to be a stressor, but we are so thankful for the water still left in the tank.  We are planning to return to Honiara this week and just switch our "to-do" lists from Marulaon's list to Honiara's list.  This will give us an extra week to accomplish things before Aaron leaves for Bangokok.

The lelenga was delicious!  The neighbors with whom we shared had mixed reactions, but we thought it was a yummy way to eat more veggies.


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