Update on Naomi

Many of you have asked about Naomi and have indicated that you are praying for her.  I took her to the doctor yesterday.  He has been treating her since her arrival in Honiara, and we can e-mail him when we are in Marulaon.  He took a culture from her ear, ordered blood work, a facial x-ray, and a chest x-ray. 

Now, in Honiara, these all mean going to the hospital.  I sooo wish I'd taken my camera to share the view from the hospital.  First, we had to go to the cashier's window to pay for each of the tests.  Then, we went to have her blood drawn and to drop off the swab from her ear.  Each of the departments is in a row around one of many open courtyards.  After that was finished, we went to the x-ray department.  We saw a fat, black rat while we waited on the bench outside.  Finally, we got the x-ray films and drove back to the doctor's office.  The results of the culture and the blood work should be in early next week, then we'll be back to see Dr. Steve.

Thanks for your prayers for our "adopted daughter"!


The dB family said…
I will be praying too!


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