Time is a flying

We've been staying busy this week celebrating Naomi's 19th birthday, learning lots in school, attending SITAG meetings, and enjoying company.  Yesterday afternoon, Katherine helped me prepare chillaquillas to share with three amazing translators who are in the Solomons for a few weeks.

 Earlier this week, Naomi's test results all came back normal, so Dr. Steve sent us to a consulting physician.  We met with Dr. Elizabeth this afternoon at the hospital where we learned that she speaks Sa'a.  She was very complementary of the SITAG translation advisor who worked on Sa'a and even said that he knew the language better than she did!  After an examination, Dr. Elizabeth sent Naomi to the ENT department at the hospital.  The ENT found no infection and suggested that Naomi use a saline rinse in her sinuses in addition to steaming them and scheduled a follow-up appointment for next Thursday.  Dr. Elizabeth also ordered an abdominal scan next week to see if she can locate the source of the abdominal pain Naomi is experiencing.

So, after four hours in the hospital, Naomi and I drove to the pharmacy to pick up a new antibiotic and then head back to the house.  A BIG thank you to those of you praying for our adopted daughter, Naomi.  She is still in lots of facial and abdominal pain and continues to take high doses of painkillers and sleep most of the time.  We are so thankful for the doctors and nurses here in Honiara who are working hard to discern the cause of Naomi's pain.


The dB family said…
Poor Naomi! I do hope she feels better soon! I'll keep on praying. Happy Birthday to her too!

Nahna said…
Katherine is growing too fast. I know that we want her to grow and mature, but really....ha! I love you, Pickle.

Prayers continue for Naomi and for you as you minister to her. And for Aaron and you all as he is gone from the family. Blessings on this Lord's day.
Love to all.

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